About Onerahi Central Cricket Club Kensington

It all began at a meeting at the former South British Insurance office in Whangarei in the off season of 1954-55. Present were representatives of the Central Cricket Club led by secretary and player Don Percival and Tony Mackintosh, who went on to become an international umpire, trustees of the Onerahi Cricket Club which was in recess, and other interested parties, including Combined Services club personal.

The result was an agreement to the amalgamation of the two clubs and the assumption of the name Onerahi Central.

Central was an active and competitive senior team based at Hora Hora Park where there were practise facilities and a playable wicket in the centre of the rugby ground.

Onerahi had gone into recess mainly though lack of playing numbers. Some funds and gear became part of the amalgamation. The arrangement was seen as being good for the game, extending player depth and giving the club a permanent home ground.

The new Onerahi Central Cricket Club Kensington took the field in the Whangarei Senior competition for the first time on November 3rd, 1956 against a Whangarei Boys High Side.  Players in the inaugural game included Bryce McPherson, Barry Cole, Don Percival, Snow McPherson, Jim Maxwell and Maurice Johnston along with a few central stalwarts. Boys High School scored 79 and 108 -4, OCCC getting 95 and 60 – 2. A feature was a hat trick for club leg spinner Johnston while Ross McPherson (captain) who joined OCCC at the end of the school year, scoring 33 and 54 for the school.

President Report

Last year’s AGM sprung upon me the unexpected pleasure of succeeding the legendary Greg Guy as the Onerahi central Cricket Club Kensington President.

Without a doubt, the role has taken a bit of getting used to you with some massive shoes to fill, however, I think I’ve adjusted to those requirements now and have really enjoyed my first year in the job!

Each year I reflect with great pride on the season we have had - our progress, strength, achievements, wins and losses, learning, development and the way in which we are continuously working for our members on our vision, values and being the best we can be.  

I would like to extend my thanks once again to all of our members on their effort they put into the club and hope that everyone can take something of benefit moving forward - an improvement in fitness level, making new friends, achieving a personal goal, reaching playoffs, making a representative team, gaining a coaching or umpiring qualification or simply having fun playing the sport we love.  

I always seem to look forward to the next season a little more than the last because of the exciting things we are doing as a club, the opportunities we create and because I get to work alongside a passionate committee and dedicated and loyal club members.

I am excited about our young players, those I observe moving through the grades.  Our junior players are showing a lot of promise in the skills they are developing and I look forward to continuing to watch them develop in the coming seasons.



Onerahi Central Cricket Club